We love fresh, new, innovative and well developed products and brands.

We’re doing our best to limit the products and brands we feature on Groomor to ‘men’s grooming type products’. However, it just so happens that there are a pretty healthy amount of similar types of products and brand that don’t always necessarily fit into a very specific niche.

Therefore, let’s break it down as followed. If you’re a guy and or you really like new, clean and innovative products, brands and or services, Groomor has material that will interest you.

New and innovative pretty much define themselves. But, what do we mean by ‘clean’? When we use the word clean, we are simply referring to essentially how the brand is marketed. Let’s put it this way, you know it when you see it. It’s solely marketing, but the overall product and or service model.

For example, we knew about the greatness of Harry’s within weeks of it’s launch. This is partly due to the fact that we spend all-day, everyday online. We knew they would take-off because of their website, packaging, products and marketing style.

When a new, clean, innovative and worthy product, brand and or service hits the market, we’ll cover it. We’ll especially feature it if it relates in some way to men’s attire and or general grooming.